Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Jewelry! :D

Hey folks!

I hope your week has been fabulous! I know some of you have been waiting anxiously for the new jewelry and it's done and ready for you all to see! So, let's get going, shall we? :D

Red Passion is up first:
The necklace was made using seed glass beads on wire wrapped around a red cord and held on with a lobster clasp. You can wear it as a choker if you like... you should be able to. It's about 16" long and is quite comfortable. The earrings were made using jump rings and just one bead on each. I thought the simpler the better and it looks really nice. (Please forgive me for the pictures tonight... my neck isn't the greatest model lol, but it does the job and so I'm happy about it.)

As a set, the prize would be $25.00 USD for the necklace and $5.00 USD for the earrings for a total of $30.00. The individual prices for these are there for you, too as you can see. :D I hope you enjoy them. Just let me know if you're interested!

Next, on our list tonight would be the earrings that could go with the Turquoise Melody necklace. Here's what they look like:
These beauties are going for $5.00 USD unless you'd want the whole set. Cute, aren't they?

Going on, next we have our Wedding Bells set available. Now, these will be more because they ( at least the earrings ), have been made using all Swavorski Crystals and they can cost a pretty penny depending on the size, but well worth. Especially for the brides on their Wedding Day or on any special occasion as well.
So, here's what they look like:

Again, pardon me for the neck shot lol. The pictures will be better with time. I used a different camera for these lol. So, anyway, as you can see....
The necklace was made using a ribbon and light cords and then the heart crystal on there with a jump ring. All held together with more jump rings and a lobster clasp in the back and it can be worn like a choker, too as you can see above. It's about 16" or less, but it fits me, so it should fit anyone really. :D

Ok, like I was saying, this one will be a little higher. As a set, they will be $45.00 USD. As far as them being separate, we can do that. I can also make a shorter version of the earrings as well and the price will be lesser too of course. If you're interested, let me know and we can go from there on that. No worries. I just haven't figured out the individual pricing on these yet.

Last ones for tonight are the Leaves Set. Now, there are 4 different colors. They are red, pink, blue and green. I think there might have been white, too, but I didn't make any that I know of... (it's been a long day, they were blurring themselves together lol)... These will be $5.00 a piece, and if you buy all 4, the price for those will be $15.00. I can make many of those in those colors if need be, so let me know. Here's what they look like:
Pretty, aren't they? I would also be willing to make a necklace if you wanted to match them, so if you all are interested, please let me know.

Ok, that's it for tonight, folks! I really hope you like what you see. I only have one policy right now and that's, if, for whatever reason, something happens to the jewelry you buy from me, let me know and we can fix it for free. Well, ok, not so free if you have to ship it back, but that's all you'd have to pay, really. I kid you not.

Business cards will be here on the 18th and I can't wait lol. I really hope you've enjoyed everything so far and I look forward to talking to you all and everything.
If you have any questions whatsoever, please email me at JennyATcato2000DOTcom and of course, place the @ and the . where it needs to be. ;) Take care and God Bless!!