Monday, July 6, 2009

Yay The New Items Are Here!!

Hey folks! :D

I hope those of you who celebrate the 4th, had a marvelous weekend. I know we did. :D I know you all have been waiting for the new stuff to come, so here we go! What I'm about to show you is indeed for sale, that and what doesn't get sold here will be ready for the Jewelry Party August 21st! Yep, I said it. It's happening and I'm thrilled. I have lots to make still and when I'm feeling a little better, like tomorrow lol... I'll make more. Anyway, enough of that. Let's get going...

First off, we have:

The Red/White/Blue set. About 14-16" long and is made with glass beads and glass bugle beads. As usual the earrings for the set can either be with the whole set for $20 or by themselves for $5 and the necklace would be $15.

I've been getting some hoop earrings to try out and see how they fare. These are the designs I've come up with so far. Each pair are also $5 each USD.

Next, we have our Oriental Classic. This set is going for $25. That's for everything and the earrings stay with the necklace this time folks. I'll be sure to get more to make separates. If, for any reason though, that you'd really like to have them, you know I'd be happy to do so.

The next set up is the Dragonfly. This is one of the charms I've used and the necklace is made with fishing wire or something similar, so when you wear it, all you can see is the beads and the charm itself. That is a look I know is still popular. It measures about 14-16" I believe and is very comfortable. The earrings are made with purple glass beads and 1 Swarovski crystal each. The price for this set is $35. The necklace by itself would be $20 and the earrings would be $10.

This pair of earrings happen to go with the Turquoise set I made and that's in a past post. These by themselves are $5, too. :D
The other pretty set I wanted to show you and I apologize in advance for the sideways picture...
This is Leafy Greens. Now, the necklace right now that you see, is actually not for sale. I will, however, make a new one just like it, or similar if you want. I will do that. The necklace is between 16-18" long I believe and it's adjustable of course. Made with glass leaf beads and lots of jump rings. The set is for $35. The earrings by themselves are $10 while the necklace would be $25.

There is another set that doesn't want to load it seems, so let me explain it to you all. It's similar to the Turquoise and to the Leafy Greens above, but it's a brick red color and has gold mixed it. It's really very pretty and it sells for the same as the Leafy Green set.

That's it for now folks. If I can get that other picture up, you'll know about it lol. It's a larger picture and it just doesn't want to load. Let me know if you're interested in anything you all see here today. Email me @ JennyATcato2000DOTcom for any questions or requests you may have. That's my business email and it's awfully quiet lol. ;)

Take care and have a blessed week!! Thanks soooo much!!!<3


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  1. I don't know if you get this now or if it matters but on the dragonfly set you said it was $35 for the set of that the necklace is $20 and the earrings are $10 which both add up to 30 which is cheaper than the set together!