Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Changes…

It’s time to change things a bit around here. I would love to make more jewelry but seem to not have enough time to really sit and make any right now… so, with that in mind, I won’t waste the blog with telling you that I’m coming back lol.

I am back and will be around more providing I remember that this blog is here. I would love to share my photography with you and hopefully more jewelry as well. This should be interesting. I’m leaving the name as it is, however, until I decide what to do on that. Besides… what I show is a jewel as far as I am concerned anyway, because God grants me the talents and were given by Him anyway. Only makes sense…

So, those are my thoughts at this time. I’ve been dealing with a messed up back the past week almost..if not more and that’s been a pain… It’s getting better, but.. really.. I need a break haha. :P  Anyway.. you all have a great night/day and I will be blogging to you very soon. :D


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