Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Later...

So, it's later....much later that is. It's been a pretty good day all things considered. I went to church this morning and that went well. I always have a blast since I started back. It's good to be back...
Afterwards, however... it ended on a sad note. A dear friend of my family had passed on early this morning. My Mom and I were shocked. Still am in fact. I can't believe he's gone. We used to go to church with them when I was younger and they ended up at the church we're at now. We had no idea he was sick... or just how sick he truly was to begin with. They said he died peacefully without any pain and yet, he had it all over. I'm beginning to really really not like cancer. Ok, not that I did in the first place, but this year... it's been rough with the ones I love so far. I'm praying the outlook is so much better for my other two friends who I love dearly. Who we all love dearly.

So, yeah... that's what I am blogging about at this moment. Didn't feel like writing it down in my journal along with other things I feel. I didn't feel like updating my dA journal either today with that. Too much. Too too much. That, and who wants to know? Who wants to really hear it? I know there's other crap going on in the world, but I have to let it go somewhere, somehow ya know? Right now, this will work for me.

On another note... guess what I did tonight? I went ahead and applied for a job. I have been looking, just what's out there, I am not really allowed to work it lol. What I mean is, the food industry is not for me anymore and hasn't for the past 8 years. My surgeon said so. So, yes, I get to be picky. Fun fun fun....

Anyway, I'll let you all know what happens when I know what happens. :P That way we all know together lol.

I suppose this will be it for now. It's been an extremely long day and this week will undoubtedly be really busy with a wake and funeral and helping our friends out. So.... you all take care and behave lol. We'll talk again soon. God Bless and Goodnight!

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