Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Business Cards

Yikes, I seriously need to remember to at least try once I week on this blog... ;)

Going on... *ahem*

Hi! :D I know that no one is reading this as of yet, but maybe it will change with time. So, I managed to work on a design for my business cards for my jewelry. I am very pleased with the outcome to say the least and I hope to get those printed out and to get some pictures in here of the kind of jewelry I make so you all.... *well, when you all start reading this...* will be able to see them.

I'm excited. I really want to do a good job and make people happy, not to mention a little money wouldn't hurt. So, working on the photography and my digital artwork and getting back to my jewelry... I'm a happy camper.

Things have been nuts around here.... for the past few weeks after the last post ha ha... My Dad was sick and in the hospital with a staph infection. He's healing nicely and just went back to work this past Friday. He gets tired and all, but he's still going. Thank God for His wonderful ways! :D

What else? Uhhh... my mind just went blank ugh... That was the main thing though, was my Dad being sick. After the funeral of our friend, I found out that next week about him and his leg being messed up and the next thing I knew, he was heading to the hospital lol. Silly. I am so glad he's okay.

I suppose that's it for now... I have lots to show you eventually, so until then, keep checking this blog! Take care folks and God Bless! :D


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