Monday, March 24, 2014

Well, enough of the temper tantrum, right?

Oh good grief. Why did you all let me get away with that previous post? (facepalms) I can't believe that I let things still get to me like that. Wow...

So, here we are... I'm much better than that last post. I'm glad I posted it though... and I will be leaving it up. It will be a reminder on how much of a goofball I really am haha. 

I wonder if that means, that I've grown a little? To be able to not dwell on it and to move move forward.. To forget, can be a tricky thing... especially depending on the issue that you're wanting to forget. Forgiveness however... is easier and makes things easier to go on... at times. 

(shrugs) Hey, I'll figure it all out eventually. I'm sure others feel the same. I'm to the point now about the previous post, that I really shouldn't care about any of that anymore. It's not going to get me anywhere, but make it harder for me to get on with my life. And I have enough to deal with in my life just living. Which I'm still working on lol. :)

Life is good. Interesting as always, but good. There will always be bumps in the road of some kind. One way or another, we learn from them. Some say that..what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Well, I seriously ought to be HUGE, GREEN and with the temper of C4. ;) But anyway...

I just wanted to say, that if something is going on in your life or is truly getting the best of you, hold will pass. This too, shall pass... it's something that I live by. I think it's why I keep going. Some have asked why haven't I just thrown in the towel already? I just take my towel, use it to dust myself off... and go on. :) 

You should too. So, hold on... stay moving forward.. this too, shall pass.

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